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November 9

Today’s walk with Zoe recorded with Periscope Trying to make sense of the election … everything is so much clearer in hindsight and there’s an endless line of pundits explaining what happened. Where do we go from here? Our journey … Continue reading

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Curious about national monuments in the USA? The #LiveMonumental roadtrip made its first stop in Las Vegas today. For details, keep an eye on the  #LiveMonumental hashtag and the Planeta Wiki page: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/livemonumental Quotes: You haven’t experienced Nevada until you have experienced … Continue reading

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World Premiere Video: Responsible Travel Week 2015

Everyone’s invited to 2015’s Responsible Travel Week! Video by Ron Mader and Kevin Scuiller Editing by Kevin Scuiller

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How powerful is the influence of peer review travel sites?

‘How powerful is the influence of peer review travel sites?’ is the question for this week’s online hangout hosted on Google+ and livestreamed via YouTube. As a traveler, are you influenced by your friends’ comments, likes and shares? Do you … Continue reading

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Greening Tourism Events

How many tourism events do we see that encourage participants to use public transportation and provide livestreaming to allow people around the world to share in the lessons learned? The November 8 Green Tourism Conference did this and more for a simple reason. “We … Continue reading

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Getting the Hang of the Wednesday Hangout

Wednesday Hangouts continue on Google+. We see this as a way to connect with friends passionate about local travel, responsible tourism, ecotourism and the blossoming field of conscious travel. If you missed this morning’s chat, here’s the recording of our Local Travel … Continue reading

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Digital Literacy

A few weeks ago I was watching with a surprising amount of interest the livestreaming from New Zealand’s NetHui. It was chock-full of honest conversations and observations, including this gem: Digital illiteracy is thoroughly embedded in government, in business, in … Continue reading

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streaming has become a torrent

Live streaming = Transferring data such that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream (Future Tense) Live streaming – like free wi-fi – is a must at tourism and conservation events. You could say it’s becoming a … Continue reading

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Conversation with Catherine Mack

Brand new! Conversation with Catherine Mack about the Ireland Green Travel app and responsible tourism (in its many guises and definitions)! The future of green travel favors Ireland! Kudos to Catherine Mack for editing a superb online guide to the … Continue reading

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