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Las Vegas News Taco

Experimenting with live video, the question comes – what can we do that was difficult or expensive before? How about a livestream of the morning newspaper(s)? Without apology, this video is for the communication nerds and historians of the future … Continue reading

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Greetings to all paying attention to #COP21

Greetings to all those paying attention to the Climate Change Conference #COP21. We’re asking how well the conference connects with remote participants and we want to know what’s taking place and what’s making news. This is a call for public … Continue reading

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Hunkering Down and Bracing for Hurricane Sandy … News Coverage

As the ‘storm of the century’ approaches eastern seacoast, I am challenging you all to find the most irksome elements in the news coverage (official channels and the social web). Here’s what I’d call your attention: the difference between hunkering … Continue reading

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Tourism, Social Media and the New Engagement

This week Planeta.com focuses our attention on the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism and Media Conference which takes place Thursday and Friday. Hashtag: #tourismmedia “There are many stories to share in the world of tourism and media,” said Planeta.com founder Ron Mader, … Continue reading

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The Case for Open Journalism and a Cup of Hot Chocolate @melaniesill

Food for thought: Open journalism recognizes what’s newsworthy runs along a two-way street. Report http://www.annenberginnovationlab.org/OpenJournalism Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YtjZ2-igOM   Excerpts: Open journalism’s core principles are transparency, responsiveness, participation, collaboration and connection. Open doesn’t mean everything is shared with everyone; it’s a … Continue reading

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Blue Sky Thinking and #COP17

Staying informed on matters related to climate change is a challenge in itself. Now that #COP17 is almost over … let’s ask what did we learn about Durban? Besides road map, KP and ambition, what were most used buzzwords? And what … Continue reading

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Media Watch New Zealand

Kia ora and kudos to New Zealand’s Media Watch for reading my email feedback in the November Extra, minute #23. Radio New Zealand provides a timely and insightful analysis of local culture and news. It should not come as a … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading/Listening: BBC Science Review

To learn about science reporting in England, let’s transit to Australia! Recommended reading and listening: BBC Trust Review of impartiality and accuracy of the BBC’s coverage of science. I found this report via a link on the ABC Science Show. Good thing … Continue reading

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Black Swans

Recommended Reading/Listening Skyful of Lies and Black Swans The new tyranny of shifting information power in crises by Nik Gowing The study highlights how in a moment of major, unexpected crisis the institutions of power – whether political, governmental, military … Continue reading

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Think about it

A few weeks ago Bill Hinchberger invited me to join him in a Q&A on Think about it, a European blogging competition. Twitter hashtag #think3 developed by the European Journalism Centre. The objective in TH!NK3 is to write and report … Continue reading

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