Putting a Bow on 2016

Reflecting on 2016 …

I’m making my list of favorite events

favorite podcasts

favorite new words

favorite new foods

favorite TV shows: Galavant, People of Earth, Westworld, 2016 Wipe

favorite movies:

There’s also that deal about the 2016 election in the USA.

Technical Sidenote: This is the year that my main website – Planeta.com – came on board a similar WordPress platform. A request for suggestions as we work out the kinks on this site.

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Wild Calendars: December 2016 Denali National Park

December 2016 Calendar: Denali National Park #FindYourPark @DenaliNPS

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November 9

Today’s walk with Zoe recorded with Periscope

Trying to make sense of the election … everything is so much clearer in hindsight and there’s an endless line of pundits explaining what happened. Where do we go from here? Our journey begins again.

Speaking last night on Australian radio, I was surprised to hear myself say how much we keep to ourselves in the USA. AMC Theaters had election watch parties, segregated so that the Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t have to interact. We pop in our earbuds and listen to our own melodies. There must be other ways to interact, find common ground. I’m listening.

Many thanks to friends who watch the video live or recorded. If you’d like to schedule a voice or video chat, let me know. If you have ideas for collaboration on Planeta.com or the wiki, let’s begin the begin.


We can see what's always been there. Seeing what's next is the tough part. @voxdotcom

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11.2016 #WildCalendars featuring @glaciernps #FindYourPark

Wild Calendars: November 2016 Glacier National Park

Spotlight on Glacier National Park

November 1 and 2 Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead in Mexico

November 1 All Saints’ Day

November 2 All Souls’ Day

November 5 Folk Artist Day, Dia del Artesano (Ecuador)

November 8 Election Day (USA)
November 8 Responsible Tourism Day

November 10 World Science Day

November 11 Remembrance Day (Australia), Veterans Day (USA)

November 12 Postal Carriers’ Day (Mexico)

November 19 International Men’s Day

November 19 Garifuna Settlement Day (Belize)

November 19 World Toilet Day

November 13-21 Leonids meteor shower
Leonid meteor shower: Light streaks of comet debris

November 20 Revolution Day (Mexico)

November 21 St Cecilia’s Day
No music day
Mariachis at the Basilica de Guadalupe (Mexico)
Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia

November 22 John F. Kennedy Assassination (USA)

Floating Dates
Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving (USA)

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is held in November in the USA.

More November goodness on the Planeta Wiki.

November 2016 Calendar: Glacier National Park #FindYourPark @glaciernps

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October 2016

This month’s photo: Elf owl in a saguaro hole at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Planeta Wiki
Organ Pipe

Organ Pipe is one of my favorite places to visit in the USA/Mexico borderlands (MexUSA).

This year’s calendar featuring #FindYourPark photos from wild places in the USA has been a hoot to make online. On my wishlist – alternative ways to make free online personalized calendars. Kudos to Big Huge Labs , but I wish there were an upgrade. The sooner the better as we figure out our plans for 2017.

October 2016 #FindYourPark Calendar featuring @OrganPipeNPS: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Elf owl in a saguaro hole

Also, if there has to be a wall, why not make it a beer wall?

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Penny in the Park

A very sad day. Penny, my family’s nearly 10-year-old rescue dog was put to sleep today after being diagnosed with pericardial effusion. Yesterday she could not even stand. Our only regret is not knowing Penny earlier. The first 5 years of her life she was confined to a garage. Her first owners did not abuse her, but didn’t provide much affection either. Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada let my parents adopt her.

A big thank you to Dr Costa at the Spencer Springs Animal Hospital for being so empathetic. I also loved the poster in one of exam rooms: ‘Dogs fill an empty space we didn’t know we had.’

So sad, but so grateful. To friends with pets, please give them an extra hug today.

Penny at Cornerstone Park 08.2016

Nevada Meander 08.2013

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September is mes de la patria in Mexico, biodiversity month in Australia and tourism month in South Africa.

Mark your calendar! September 8 is International Literacy Day which we use to call out attention for digital literacy. September 27 is World Tourism Day and we make our annual call for travel photos on Flickr.

September 2016 Calendar: Lake Mead National Recreation Area @lakemeadnps @NatlParkService #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque



Source: www.flickr.com/photos/lakemeadnra

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