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Weaving the Web (Tejiendo el web): Luis Lazo Mendoza, Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Translating: Can tourism promotion be crowdsourced? My view: tourism promotion is catalyzed by the ever curious crowd. Marketing geniuses and tourism officials know something has changed. The source for our tips come from good friends AND passionate if not highly opinionated strangers, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Hangouts: Our Shoutout to México #PlanetaTalks #PlanetaPlática

The next round of Planeta hangouts are scheduled for September 14 and October 5. Participation on camera is by invitation. If you’d like to be invited, let me (Ron Mader) know. If you have been reading me for the past year, it should be clear: the … Continue reading

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This Week’s Carrotmob Challenge: Saluda Don Nicodemus Bartolo Vásquez

Carrotmob = event where people support an environmentally-friendly venue by gathering en masse to purchase the store’s products. Español: Un evento donde la gente apoya un negocio en forma de llegar en numeros para comprar los productos de la tienda. Literalmente: Movimiento … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Must-Do and Slow-Do Attractions in Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday, October 3 and 4) my favorite local market in the world hosts its 11th anniversary. Sadly, I will not be present, but my best thoughts are with friends at the … Continue reading

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WorldWide Photo Walk October 5: Sharing Space in a Sacred Place

Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Our next collaborative photography event will be the WorldWide Photo Walk in Oaxaca on October 5. We will be sharing space in sacred places, including notable churches, the Santo Tomás Xochimilco temple and jaw-dropping Santo Domingo (the … Continue reading

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Now We are 40: Checking-In @ Oaxaca’s Sanchez Pascuas Market

I could walk into this room And the waves of conversation are enough To knock you down in the undertow – R.E.M. OAXACA DE JUAREZ, MEXICO — Sánchez Pascuas Market celebrated its 40th anniversary on August 19. I am privileged, privileged, privileged … Continue reading

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Join the Crowd: Guelaguetza in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico – Here are some photos and videos from the past few days documenting all the fun that is the appreciation of Oaxaca Treasures: Guelaguetza 2012. It’s certainly a join the crowd type moment and the question that has … Continue reading

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