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Toward transparency and inclusion at #COP21 @LaingHamish @ryanmearns

Kudos Kiwis Hamish Laing @LaingHamish and Ryan Mearns @ryanmearns for transcribing #COP21 ADP (Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) Sessions on Google Docs and promoting transparency and inclusion at this global summit. Thanks for making me aware … Continue reading

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Viva Las Vegas

Happy birthday, me! Many, many thanks for the likes and shares and hearts and heartfelt messages.Thanks everyone for the good will.  I’m celebrating in Las Vegas all week long. I’ll be editing a collection of favorite pics and tweets on this … Continue reading

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Who are the global leaders in clean energy? #nces8

After the jolt of hope that is the #NCES8, there’s everything to celebrate today with Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. Livestreaming video RN Highlights included Senator Reed’s low-key and confident assessments throughout the proceedings. Clear-stated and confident, his presence was that … Continue reading

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This Week’s Carrotmob Challenge: Saluda Don Nicodemus Bartolo Vásquez

Carrotmob = event where people support an environmentally-friendly venue by gathering en masse to purchase the store’s products. Español: Un evento donde la gente apoya un negocio en forma de llegar en numeros para comprar los productos de la tienda. Literalmente: Movimiento … Continue reading

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Hanging out in Flagstaff. Reflections from the Native Innovation Conference #nativeinnovate

I am very pleased to have participated in the Native Innovation Educational Technology Conference (June 11-13 in Flagstaff, Arizona) where I led interactive workshops focusing on using Google hangouts, Periscope and other livestreaming video options AND connecting these video chats … Continue reading

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We are always in the moment

Three random thoughts: We need to understand the global significance of Chinese New Year — from China to Las Vegas, what are the stories? Preparing a list of Top 10 Twitter contacts in Cape Town, ranked in order of engagement. … Continue reading

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Thanks for the upvotes! 2014 Indigenous Peoples Week Continues

More good news! By way of India, we are co-hosting the #Untravel Indigenous Travel Tweetchat, tomorrow at 7:30am PDT, 8pm IST. A tweetchat is simply a series of questions and answers posed on Twitter. Also be aware that while Saturday is the  International … Continue reading

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