From stony silence to anger – the response to online critical voices

Making tourism more responsible and fair one for all, including wildlife in captivity. Introducing the #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign from @GreenGirlAfrica
#rtweek18 #wildlifetourism

Green Girls in Africa

I have been asked on numerous occasions why we make our #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign so public. Why don’t we communicate with these people by email? Obviously, part of the reason for taking the campaign public is to raise awareness on the various captive wildlife and welfare issues. However, also because we have tried and tested almost all means of communication with varying degrees of success. Unless organisations feel the pressure on public platforms, it’s all too easy to ignore tricky questions.

Remember the Thanda Tau exposure earlier in the year, when I asked some poignant, but vital questions on the whereabouts of their lion cubs that had outgrown their petting enclosure? Before taking my questions to this public platform, I tried to communicate with their management by email on many occasions, but never even received an acknowledgement of receipt. After some serious pressure on social media, Thanda Tau at least made a…

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