Las Vegas News Taco

Experimenting with live video, the question comes – what can we do that was difficult or expensive before? How about a livestream of the morning newspaper(s)? Without apology, this video is for the communication nerds and historians of the future – what exactly did a newpaper look like?

What I call a ‘news taco‘ in Las Vegas is simply the Las Vegas Sun wrapped inside the Las Vegas Review Journal. The stories of each paper and dead tree journalism in Vegas are worthy of a run to Wikipedia, Nevada Independent and Jay Rosen.

Rosen, by the way, invited himself to UNLV to discuss the Adelson purchase of the Review Journal, aka Adelson Times. It was a stellar presentation and Q&A session which was also streamed via Periscope, but unfortunately at a time when it was difficult to save or archive these live videos. Another loss were the live Periscope sessions of editorial meetings at the Review Journal. There were a few months after the purchase that the newspaper truly shone, which makes its current state so disappointing. There is still no sign of a newspaper ombudsperson. We might be better off with a journalism concierge.

Here are the newspapers stretched out on beach blankets the morning of May 4, 2017. Can’t do this on a windy day. Video from Periscope:

Personally, I would love to see short videos that open the newspaper – sort of an unboxing of that day’s news – from friends in other places and friends here in Vegas – what are your thoughts on local news?



Buzzword Bingo: Ombudsperson = Public Advocate


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