November 9

Today’s walk with Zoe recorded with Periscope

Trying to make sense of the election … everything is so much clearer in hindsight and there’s an endless line of pundits explaining what happened. Where do we go from here? Our journey begins again.

Speaking last night on Australian radio, I was surprised to hear myself say how much we keep to ourselves in the USA. AMC Theaters had election watch parties, segregated so that the Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t have to interact. We pop in our earbuds and listen to our own melodies. There must be other ways to interact, find common ground. I’m listening.

Many thanks to friends who watch the video live or recorded. If you’d like to schedule a voice or video chat, let me know. If you have ideas for collaboration on or the wiki, let’s begin the begin.

We can see what's always been there. Seeing what's next is the tough part. @voxdotcom

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