Penny in the Park

A very sad day. Penny, my family’s nearly 10-year-old rescue dog was put to sleep today after being diagnosed with pericardial effusion. Yesterday she could not even stand. Our only regret is not knowing Penny earlier. The first 5 years of her life she was confined to a garage. Her first owners did not abuse her, but didn’t provide much affection either. Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada let my parents adopt her.

A big thank you to Dr Costa at the Spencer Springs Animal Hospital for being so empathetic. I also loved the poster in one of exam rooms: ‘Dogs fill an empty space we didn’t know we had.’

So sad, but so grateful. To friends with pets, please give them an extra hug today.

Penny at Cornerstone Park 08.2016

Nevada Meander 08.2013

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1 Response to Penny in the Park

  1. Colin Bisset says:

    So sorry to hear that. But so good you gave her a loving second chance.

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