Hello, April

Readers with talents in online composition, please let me ask you some nerdy questions.

Can you edit a blog on a tablet? Can you embed tweets or a Flickr image? How easy is it to add links? And finally can you edit the blog using voice writing? That’s the challenge for me this April 1st, no joke.

My laptop is in for repairs so take my advice and never mix up trackpad with liquids.

Voice writing is something I am trying to learn on par with playing the ukulele. Voice writing, sometimes it works, sometimes it is absurd Lee funny. Will keep the funniest bits. What works is achieved through practice

Personal plans this month include holding a garage sale in our cul-de-sac on April 16 and meeting neighbors and friendly strangers. Look for my nephew’s drone overhead as I live stream some periscope videos.

Garage sales are common in the USA not so much in Mexico. And in Mexico it’s much easier to get to know your neighbors. What if we mixed it up and held a block party dressed up as a garage sale? I have a few books I want to sell.

Nerdy Question how popular are garage sales where you are?

Personal/professional plans for April include celebrating Earth Day and creating a new award for best environmental tourism coverage from government ministries and agencies that we can announce on world environment day and world tourism day. Suggestions please.

Professionally, I am very excited to say that the new version of planeta.com will debut this month

Keep an eye on this page. I will be coming back to make updates and edits.

April 2016 Calendar: Glacier National Park @GlacierNPS #findyourpark

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