Questions for this year’s #StateOfVegas

#StateOfVegas is the hashtag for the January 7, 2016 presentation of Las Vegas' State of the City @mayoroflasvegas @CityOfLasVegas//

I covered the 2015 State of Las Vegas on my blog. It was a lot of fun to watch (and read the live tweets) and this year’s address should be a great way to catch up on what’s happening in one of the world’s most storied cities. Tune in for the livestreaming video Thursday, January 7, 5pm PST: and

Hashtag:. I’ll be curating tweets and articles via Storify.

1. With the creation of new nearby national monuments (Tule Springs, Basin and Range) and the proximity of other parks and reserves (Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountains, Sloan Canyon), does the city have a public strategy for integrating and promoting ecotourism?
2. What are the hometown accomplishments in terms of developing responsible travel (aka better places to live are better places to visit)?
3. Regarding Downtown Las Vegas: is there any place to rent a bike? Are there any guided walks led by locals?
4. One of the stated goals last year was for Las Vegas to become a Net Zero City. Are there details about the Net Zero City strategy online?
5. Is Las Vegas doing anything in terms of offsetting carbon emissions from incoming visitors, particularly those arriving via long-haul travel?


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