December 11 is International Mountain Day 2015 #MountainsMatter

A personal note. Collaborating with the Mountain Forum, Black Sheep Inn, Fidel’s ranch in the Mixtec and living in some of the world’s finest mountainous terrain — Oaxaca, Mexico and Nevada, USA … I have a certain fondness for ‘International Mountain Day’ (December 11). I should add I’m from a place with zero mountains, the flat pancake of the Midwest where bumps are upgraded to ‘hill’ on roadside signage. It’s still a treat for me to see any earth ascend from the ground. It remains new in my visage. ‘Is there snow on the mountain?’ we ask from Las Vegas, speaking of the Spring Mountains.

I’m still learning the background, but the annual celebration is the masterstroke of the FAO. Details

Stay in touch with your hosts via Twitter: @FAOForestry @FAOnews

And suggestions are always welcome as we update Planeta’s Mountains Wiki

Comments and translations are invited in the comments below.

#MountainsMatter Question: How do you translate ‘International Mountain Day’ in other languages?
Spanish: Día Internacional de la Montaña

December 11 is International Mountain Day 2015 @FAOForestry @FAOnews #MountainsMatter

Mountains hangout, anyone?

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