Get Outdoors Nevada

Kudos to the organizers of this weekend’s Get Outdoors Nevada celebration at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. So many good people, such a a fun, family-friendly event at a beautiful city park with great viewing of the incoming and outgoing flights at nearby McCarran Airport. I had a ball making new friends an learning about initiatives across the state. Much of the info will be properly recycled on Planeta’s #WildNevada Wiki.

Background: Get Outdoors Nevada began in 2006 as a project of The Southern Nevada Agency Partnership (a unique interagency organization consisting of the Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service and National Park Service). Since 1999, The Southern Nevada Agency Partnership has been working together to develop collaborative programs and projects that enhance services to the public, improve the stewardship of the federal lands and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their management activities. Twitter handle: @getoutdoorsnv

Observations: I only wish there were were a better of way of getting information from the exhibitors besides putting one’s email on a mailing list. The bands played some jamming tunes, but the songs remained familiar covers. I’d love to hear more Nevada bands play their own music.

#GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015Outside Las Vegas
#GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015Hecho

#GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015Nevada Tourism
Minas! Friends of Nevada Wilderness #GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015Friends of Nevada Wilderness

#GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015

Gold Butte
#GetOutdoorsNVDay 10.2015Climbing Wall and 'No Smoking' Sign

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