Stone Soup in Denver – Stories of Chinanteca Culture at the Indigenous Film and Arts Festival

Stone Soup in Denver. Si es posible!

Good news from Caldo de Piedra friends on their Facebook page.

En nuestra próxima participación será en el Festival de Cine y Arte Indígena en Denver, Colorado, USA. Siempre compartiendo la cultura Chinanteca y haciendo eco que la cultura Indígena es la base de esta gran nación. El alimento desarrolla vínculos íntercomunitarios, promueve intereses sociales y estimula la cohesión social es uno de los ejes del ritual comunitario.

Our next presentation will take place at the Native American Film Festival Art in Denver, Colorado, USA. We continue to share the Chinanteca Culture and echoing Indian culture, the foundation of this great nation. The food develops inter-community links, promotes social interests and stimulates social cohesion is one of the cornerstones of community ritual.

Kudos to the organizers of this event. Please share the news with friends in Denver! And keep an eye on this blog and our wikis. Other Oaxacans in transit include Ulises on his West Coast Tour (California, Oregon, Washington) and Boris on his way to London workshops in November.


Caldo de Piedra is run by the Gauchupin Family from San Felipe Usila. I met the family about 10 years ago and I am awestruck by their talents and willingness to share their culture with visitors.

The palapa-style restaurant is located on the north side of the highway, kilometer 11.9 heading to Tule from Oaxaca City.

The restaurant serves Chinanteca cuisine, including the famous Caldo de Piedra, literally ‘stone soup’ made with fish, shrimp and a few fire-hot stones.

Each dish is individually prepared — ideal for those who cannot consume shrimp, the ingredient can be left out. This particular dish is a signature dish of San Felipe Usila and cannot be duplicated without permission.

Indigenous Film and Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado, October 7-13 #ipw6

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