Infinite patience and infinite grace: Think & Drink with Genevieve Bell @orhumanities @feraldata

Infinite patience and infinite grace

Kudos to Oregon Humanities for livestreaming the Think & Drink with Genevieve Bell. Here’s the talk that mesmerised me this week featuring anthropologist and Intel vice president Genevieve Bell and Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities. Yeah, humanities! Thanks again for sharing this conversation.

Imagine a world where email is not 24/7 @feraldata @orhumanities

Anthropologist and Intel vice president Genevieve Bell joins Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities, for a conversation about technology, people, and place.

4:35 We mistake transcribing focus groups for insight. We mistake writing down what people say for making of meaning. And the reality what most of us know is that what you say and what you meant by that are two frequently two different things and what you didn’t say may be more important than what you said. You are transcribing utterances and then doing a content analysis on the words, you maybe missing the most important things because they are unsayable or unsaid. 10:00 Technology is not neutral … it does not have agency 15:30 We changed from being storytellers to readers 19:17 Internet no longer twinned with democracy 20:00 (Sound cuts out until 21:35) 34:35 What if we imagined for a moment we were to build technology that embodied our best angels not our worst fears. What if we build technology that imagined we are better than we are … Infinite patience and infinite grace 53:43 We have a lawyer, senior judge who admitted he didn’t read his own email. He had people print it out and bring it to him … Printing out Twitter meme … 53:52 He had no shame 55:20 Desire to make it a simple story. The reality is. It’s already been incredibly complicated and we can resist simplifying, resist making it easy. Ask the hard questions and allow some of the answers will be ambiguous which is a pain I know if you’re a policy-maker. Not tidy-ing up, when you open up those stories hear other voices and other experiences which become other posibilities and prospects. And if you don’t have that, you have a moribund conversation.
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