Engaging Twitter

For me, Twitter has become a combination email box and public bulletin board. I schedule hangouts using Direct Message and I can forward or retweet messages that I think might interest readers who follow me. For friends and clients who refuse to use Twitter, I ask ‘How can I retweet if you if you don’t first tweet?

This is important only for those friends/clients who have news they want shared. For those in conservation – environmental, cultural or any hybrid variation – this means creating awareness. Send me an email and I might learn something. Relay something via Twitter and not only can I learn something, but I can share this in a variety of ways. Marketing a tour, a town, a physical object, a language school, folkart and artesanias? Twitter is one of the must-have tools in the social web toolbox.

Yes, Twitter is just one of many, many social web channels and in my communication / collaboration workshops, I stress the need to be fully engaged. For those new to any specific channel, just look at the basics. Via any of the social web channels, how are you able to be attentive, creative, generous, curious and empathetic?

And how would this work on Twitter?

You can be attentive and read and follow. You can be creative and tweet. You can be generous and add stars to other people’s tweets, reply or retweet others and for the advanced, you can embed tweets on your own site or curate them via Flipboard, Storify or other social web channels. I even embed tweets on the Planeta Wiki! You can be curious and search for topics and people of interest.

There’s also empathy and I’m not sure what actions to include.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I’ll be making updates to the Twitter Tips presentation.


Levels of Engagement (2015) @ronmader

Twitter Tips from ron mader

Planeta Wiki



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