What do you think of #biodiversity offsets?

What do you think of biodiversity offsets?

Our friends at the IUCN invite us to provide input on the draft biodiversity offsets policy by taking the following steps:

  1. Read the Overview of the IUCN Biodiversity Offsets Policy Process. (See French versionand Spanish version.)
  2. Read the Draft IUCN Biodiversity Offsets Policy. (See French version and Spanish version.) Please note that you are not required to comment on the entire draft policy document . Any input, even on select parts of the document, is welcome. You are also encouraged to circulate these documents widely through your networks, although we do ask, where feasible, that you provide one set of comments per organization.
  3. Share your comments by using this form. (See French version and Spanish version.)

With full respect, here’s what I don’t understand: why is the process of receiving comments not public? I know it’s blue sky thinking, but could we have access to a wiki or google doc in which we could collaboratively create or at least comment on the document? Could the entire process be more open and transparent? Besides written documents, could we participate in online conversations – aka youtube hangouts — in which the pros and cons were explored?

Personally, I want to hear or host unscripted conversations. Otherwise we have staid documents that do not connect with the public which leads to apathy and disinterest in critical topics to our everyday lives and those of our grandchildren and their children.

Biodiversity Offsets

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