Literacy Day 2015

Happy International Literacy Day 2015

Translating: International Literacy Day

Chinanteco (San Felipe Usila, Mexico): jm quieh a he ma jyi
Quechua (Bolivia): Yachana Jatun Punchay
Nyungar (Australia): Nidja Kedela Boolala Moort Bibbul Djinanginy (this day lots of people/family are looking at paper/bark)

Free Poster! September 8 is International Literacy Day #LiteracyDay (Attribution-ShareAlike License)
Are we digitally literate? = ¿Estámos alfabetizadas digitales?

When I think of literacy, my mind flashes upon refrigerator magnets, chalkboards, tablets, chalkboards and the other instruments of education in primary schools. This is bare bones communication but it reflects the fact that we need to be taught and need to be inspired to create inspired work ourselves. We need to know the basics.

And the basics change over time and from person to person.

We’re facing some big questions: what’s the role of handwriting in 2015? How good is voice writing / dictation software and apps? How do I dictate a blog? Help!

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