Introducing Planet People Peace and Global Ecotourism Network #PlanetaTalks

August 10 – Conversation with Glenn Jampol introducing Planet People Peace (P3) and the Global Ecotourism Network

Hashtags: #planetatalks, #mondayhangout

Key Points
Once you get them on the bus … We’re on the same bus
CST 2.0
Financial Transparency
Fabric woven into a suit of clothes
Think Tank
Donald Thompson
Core Issue: Conservation
Who looks at my website? Hands go up. How many look at the certificates and labels? Hands still up. How many have gone to that link to find out what it means? Hands go down.
Not about price, about value
Pros and Cons of Certification
Sustainability Tours

Guest: Glenn Jampol

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee

Planet People Peace

Global Ecotourism Network

Costa Rica

Elsewhere on the Web

September 25 Costa Rica's International Conference on Sustainable Tourism

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