Biological Diversity Week Begins #idb2015

Earlier this year we launched a live Monday hangout starting at 830am Pacific time and it’s become part of a new tradition of talking with friends and colleagues via YouTube. This Monday was a particularly interesting chat with +Martin Hatchuel and +Alex Villca Limaco.

It never ceases to amaze me that we can have a three-way chat connecting the USA, South Africa and Bolivia. No jet lag for participants!

Sorry in advance for the sound, but Alex in a noisy cybercafe is better than no Alex at all. Many thanks to +Alastair McKenzie for questions and a spotlight on what’s important in biodiversity conservation — stemming the tide of extinctions while we have time.

Hashtag for Friday’s International Day for Biological Diversity (Día Internacional de la Diversidad Biológica)?: #idb2015

The Monday hangouts are relaxed, global chats exploring the nerdy underbelly of ecotourism, responsible travel and the like. These chats are useful for announcing, explaining, debriefing and unpacking the news.

Buzzword Bingo: Biodiversity

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