April 6: Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation Hangout

April 6, 830am Las Vegas/530pm Knysna Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation Hangout

Join us for our Monday Hangout. (New to hangouts? Here are some tips.)

Apologies in advance for not having a snappier name for our continuing series of conversations about responsible travel and wildlife conservation. Ideally we could just call this ecotourism, but far too many people have far too many additional definitions of ‘ecotourism,’ which makes it difficult to label using a word we love but don’t quite trust from the mouths of others.

That said, what is the point of the conversation? In previous chats with  Martin Hatchuel and  Gregory Alastair Vogt, we’ve begun to mention the topics that are off the radar and often unsaid at conferences. We bring our own individual takes on the big picture — what we have and what we stand to lose. We’ll confirm a short agenda with the participants in the ‘greenroom’ just prior to going live. Questions are welcome via the Q&A app prior to and during the hangout.

Before I met Martin, I had never heard of Knysna … or the Western Cape. Conversing with Greg and Martin is more like eavesdropping on the local news as they correct and complement one another nicely.

Fingers crossed that Martin and Greg are aboard. Other friends and colleagues who have accepted the invite include  Aivar Ruukel   Enrique Cabanilla and  Chris Milnes.

Recap and buzzwords to be added after the hangout!

Monday, April 6 Hangout: Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation @knysnatourism @ThisTourismWeek @coffeebeansrout @respCPT @nvsagegrouse @friendsofnvwild


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