Communities, Digital Inclusion and Engaging Events #c20conf

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Feb 25 – 26 Communities 2.0 Celebration of Achievement Conference , Cardiff, focuses on digital inclusion
networking and discussion; hashtag: #C20Conf

Communities 2.0 is the Welsh Government’s flagship digital inclusion programme. Over the last six years the programme has worked with thousands of people across Wales, helping them to make the most of the internet and digital technology. The programme comes to an end in Spring 2015 with a national conference and awards ceremony. The event will celebrate success in getting many more people in Wales online and provide an opportunity to consider what needs to be done next to get the last 500,000 Welsh citizens digitally included. On Thursday the programme features an awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate those that have made the best of the opportunity.
Download the brochure
Delegate list

Takeaway Quote 

: “If you upscale the abilities of people using digital technology, they see more of the opportunities around them” (Video)

How are continuing digital inclusion efforts financed?
What is the role of virtual volunteers?

On our event wishlist:
Livestreaming video
Viewing parties
Twitter hashtag
Directory of delegates
Directory of speakers
Questions solicited from remote participants
A live Twitterwall
A #C20Con Flipboard and Storify
A Conference Youtube playlist
Any ideas on connecting digital inclusion in Wales with online representation of Wale’s conservation, culture and tourism
A translation of cymunedau and lessons in Welsh

Buzzword Bingo: Digital Inclusion = Movement to guarantee that individuals and communities have access to digital media #buzzwordbingo #digitalinclusion

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