#RTWeek15 Recap: A Work in Progress

Creating, facilitating and hosting a tentpole event such as Responsible Travel Week is the kind of early-year online workout I need. It’s asking myself the nerdy technical questions:

Can I embed a video or photo?
Can I make a playlist?
Can I download a video from YouTube?
Can I chromecast a YouTube playlist?

And then making the relevant Roofdog art and summing up the online core skills for colleagues who want to challenge themselves.


Why even ask these questions? They are digital literacy skills others take for granted, particularly youth – nephews, nieces, children of my friends. Travelers increasingly know about places before their visit. Thank you, Wikipedia! But online research never captures the magic of being there in the moment. (Thursday hangout with Siobhán Burke of Ireland’s Sheeps Head). tk timestamp

I want to thank donors and all the guests and everyone who watched from outside the circus tent. This is not a conversation that ends today, it’s not a closed door, but rather a window that stays open for the breeze.

Special kudos to Lucía Diaz Guzman maker of Chocoluchy that fuels our online events with chocolate goodness. For anyone visiting Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico, please visit the Friday/Saturday Pochote market and visit Lucia and all our good friends.

Lucia decorates the Chocoluchy Poster with a ribbon @ Oaxaca 07.2011

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