Travel is more than bums on seats, it’s hearts that are engaged. #rtweek15

Responsible Travel Week Day #4. Today’s challenge: Be curious.

Topical discussion: Tourism Awards Status Report (colibri, itbw, spotlight)

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

– Dorothy Parker

Curiosity is the desire to learn about anything, aka inquisitiveness. Some people find this a natural state of being, wanting to know what lies behind the closed door or behind the horizon. I’m in this camp, having purchased a set of encyclopedias (remember those) before the age of 15 and delighting today in the quest for knowledge on Wikipedia. Here on the Planeta Wiki I’m gobsmacked by the collaborative editing.

That said, I know many people who simply are not all that curious. They want to practice travel and tourism the way they’ve seen it locally for the past 30 years. The tricky thing is that tourism is not static. Places and services compete for attention, and if new offerings are not on the table, enterprises and ‘destinations’ lose their luster. Travel is more than bums on seats, it’s hearts that are engaged.

Travel businesses and operations need to seriously look at the way ‘Responsible Travel’ is developed and promoted beyond the horizon. Our hangouts are proving to be textbook examples of learning new things. What impresses me is how stunning new-to-me observations are casually revealed in conversation. Yes, we can text each other or engage in rapid-fire tweetchats, but give me the opportunity to open my mouth, ask questions and listen with my ears and I’ll opt in for this type of communication.

Challenge: Show us some things or places that have surprised you. What do you know now that you did not know before?

Google+ Hangout, 830am PST, YouTube

Guest: Siobhan Burke

Travel is more than bums on seats, it's hearts that are engaged #rtweek15

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