2014 Buzzwords

What were your favorite new words in 2014?

Keen on learning new lingo?

Web: Barn Raising, Emoji, Endorsement, Flipboard, Hack, Influence, Kickstand, Mute, Net Neutrality, Second Screen, Show Notes, Slideshare, Uber, Unselfie, Upvote, Virtual Tour

World: Atalatl, Ciclovía, Drop Bear, Ebola, Holá, Laniakea, NAIDOC, Sumak Kawsay, Te Kupu

New school: Appointment Radio, Artificial Photosynthesis, Artisinal Outhouse, Canned Hunting, Counter Narrative, Curiosity Gap, False Conflict, Food Sovereignty, Gravitational Wave, Interstital, Setjetting, Lifehack, Moonshot, Neuromorphic Computing, Non-Narrated, Petrichor, Pocket Park, Setjetting, Sharing Economy, Silent Traveler, Slow Money, Start-Up, Suspended Coffee, Synthetic Biology, Umbrella Species, Vortex, Wayfinding

Old school: Agency, Creativity, Disruption, Inequality, Privacy, Promise, Restraint, Sesquicentennial, Shoebox Archive, Trope, Umbrella, Wheelhouse

Ron: Conscious Travel, Garden Volunteer, Immediate Now, Inbetweener, Kitchen Hopping, Longcut, Photo Safari, Slow Travel, Uncoordinated Collaboration, Virtuous Circle, We Story

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