EcoHack is a global event, with simultaneous hackathons in Sydney, Nairobi, New York City, Madrid, Cambridge, U.K, Washington, D.C and San Francisco. From the start in Sydney until the end in San Francisco, this hackathon will run for nearly 50 consecutive hours! This EcoHack takes place alongside the World Parks Congress, the landmark, once-a-decade global forum focused on the world’s wildernesses. will host two online editing sessions focusing on responsible travel in parks and protected areas around the world. Outcomes: Information collected will be reviewed and integrated onto the Planeta Wiki

1) Parks and Protected Areas around the World: A Directory of Social Web Channels

Increasingly parks and protected areas are using the Internet to educate locals and visitors about conservation issues, management and visitation tips. The goal of this EcoHack is the creation of a global index of parks and protected areas using the social web: Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube.

We do ask for submissions of parks with updated social web channels. Which parks are doing the best job of informing and interacting? Sadly, there are far too many abandoned accounts online (and then critics say that social web is a waste of time). If there is interest, a secondary goal of the hack would be to create a Top 10 list or index of best practices.

Anyone can edit this Google Doc —

2) Responsible Travel and Parks and Protected Areas

Tourism in parks and protected areas can be a boon to local conservation efforts or it can negatively impact biodiversity conservation and environmental management. How can visitation be developed and conducted in a responsible manner? We would like suggestions across the spectrum from park managers to locals to visitors. What would you recommend?

Anyone can edit this Google Doc —

EcoHack 2014 — November 15-16, 2014 — SYD / CBG / DC / NYC / MAD / SF

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