Responsible Tourism and Parks

November 5, 2014 is Responsible Tourism Day and hosts a 1-hour conversation via a Google+ hangout and streamed live on YouTube Wednesday, November 5 from 10-11am PDT 10am Las Vegas, 1pm Miami, 8pm Tallinn

We ask a lot of tourism these days … that it be eco, that it be sustainable and that it be responsible. These signs are encouraging. Global tourism is experiencing a massive transformation in the 21st century. Travelers and locals are seeking ways of building constituencies with the shared goal of making tourism more responsible.

Tourism in parks and protected areas can be a boon to local conservation efforts or it can afflict biodiversity conservation and environmental management. Many travelers find meaningful encounters with nature in protected areas, but these wilderness fans are often at a loss when figuring out where to go and how to visit parks in other countries.

So our hangout asks for specific examples of responsible travel in parks, asks how the upcoming World Parks Congress will address tourism and asks the most important question of all: how to avoid irresponsible tourism in parks and protected areas, one example being the recent rash of instagrammed graffiti in US national parks.


Lloyd Gardner will be talking about the Caribbean and previewing the upcoming World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia.

Aivar Ruukel will be talking about European parks and Sooma National Park in Estonia


No registration is required to watch the livestreaming hangout. You can watch the event and comment via the Google+ event page:

Bonus points if you share the event via social web channels. Questions for our guests are welcome before and during the hangout.

November 5: Responsible Tourism and Parks Hangout

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