Koedoe Hangout

Hangout with us on October 22 as we discuss the publication of the new Koedoe issue on Tourism and Protected Areas. The conversation takes place on Google+.

Some background: Tourism and visitation is a dominant commercial use of protected areas, carrying with it numerous potential positive and negative consequences including unique challenges for management and planning. The Fifth World Parks Conference will be convened in September 2014 to discuss many of the challenges and opportunities dealing with parks and protected areas. To help lay a foundation for discussion of the role of tourism there, the WCPA Tourism and Protected Area Specialist Group is partnering with Koedoe, a journal focusing on African Protected Area Conservation and Science to sponsor a special issue on Tourism and Protected Areas: Challenges and Opportunities.

The Special Issue focuses on synthesis articles and original research on the following aspects of tourism in protected areas:
• Tourism, protected areas and local and indigenous communities
• Frameworks for planning and managing tourism in protected areas
• Tourism as an engine of economic development
• Financing management with tourism
• Tourism within the context of complex systems
• Tourism as a tool for conservation

More about this issue:

Koedoe is the Afrikaans term for Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros), the large and graceful antelope that is the corporate logo of South African National Parks. It is also the name of an Open Access journal published by AOSIS which features research on all forms of protected areas, from large State national parks to small regional and local game and nature reserves, cultural and environmental heritage sites, private conservation endeavours, and general aspects related to biodiversity conservation.

The latest special issue of Koedoe focuses on tourism and protected areas, and is now available to read free of charge at http://www.koedoe.co.za. Led by members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, various authors examine the interaction between visits, parks and communities. Stephen McCool and Anna Spenceley (both members of the above group) highlight in their Editorial how the need to understand and manage the nexus of tourism and protected areas is increasing, since international travel and tourism continue to grow, conservation efforts are increasingly dependent on protected areas serving as the cornerstone of slowing (and ideally stopping) the loss of biological diversity, and demands from society on protected areas are increasing and diversifyi

Download the issue online

Steve McCloud
Anna Spencelely

Starting Time
10am Las Vegas, 1pm New York City, 7pm Durban, Thursday 4am Sydney

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Hang out with us October 22. Koedoe Tourism and Protected Areas Hangout @OpenJournals @anna_spenceley @SueSnyman #WorldParksCongress

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