Flashback: Guadalajara Workshop (2006)

My last trip to Guadalajara, Mexico was in 2006 when I led a short course on how to make the most of the social web for the managers of Bosque La Primavera, a ginormous park outside the city. Attending were park managers, tourism professionals and community leaders.

As a personal experience, the trip was first rate. I love Jalisco and getting a first-hand tour of the park was everything I could want. As a workshop, it was pretty much a bust. There was little communication afterward. The Flickr account the organizers created was abandoned. The promised follow-up meetings among participants never occurred.

Back in 2006 most organizations believed they could handle their communication and outreach through email and phone calls and I changed my workshops from teaching everyone – including organizers – at once to a program that includes ample preparation and followup.

Today (September 26, 2014) festivities begin in Guadalajara to celebrate World Tourism Day. It would be interesting to see the connection among communities and tourism in the La Primavera Park circa 2014. Besides private vehicle, how does one visit the park?

Bosque La Primavera


Taller Internet, Guadalajara



Pointing Man


View of the City

Taller Internet (Guadalajara Workshop)

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