Thanks for the upvotes! 2014 Indigenous Peoples Week Continues

More good news! By way of India, we are co-hosting the #Untravel Indigenous Travel Tweetchat, tomorrow at 7:30am PDT, 8pm IST. A tweetchat is simply a series of questions and answers posed on Twitter.

Also be aware that while Saturday is the  International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, the big UN celebration (with livestreaming video) takes place on Friday.

Today we’d like to repeat the social web challenges issued on Monday:

Twitter: Please introduce yourself and your interest in indigenous tourism. Don’t forget to include the #ipw4 hashtag. Please retweet the posts you find of interest to your followers.

Facebook: Please like, join and share the page Indigenous Tourism (84 likes)

Google+: Please circle, join and share the page Indigenous Tourism (10 members)

Outbounding: Something brand new this year is an extended Q&A. This particular topic now has 22 responses and 34 upvotes. (Thanks for the upvotes, everyone!)

Returning to the topic of a possible outcome of Indigenous Peoples Week: We’d love to renew or improve the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Award. If you look at the nominees, you’re seeing a who’s who of treasured tourism offerings around the world. That said, the last go-around was back in 2010, so the awards needs a major update.

I’d also like to see if there is interest (and funding) for an award for the best online promotion from national and or local tourism organizations that promote indigenous tourism. It’s my experience that much of the promotion one finds on official sites fails to provide specific details to potential visitors. There are some good examples, so what if we were to talk up what works? I see a new and improved award having two categories: 1) individual businesses and 2) regional or national tourism authorities. Embed the awards in a series of online discussions and workshops and this time next year we could have a much more detailed celebration of indigenous tourism.

Buzzwords: engagement, friends, livestreaming, tweetchat

Indigenous Wiki: AyuukThe Ayuuk people live in the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca. Frequently called “Mixe,” the name they call themselves is Ayuuk. Click here to see the beautiful Yakxtö’ts!

Kajpïn jayïta xyëëta (Indigenous Peoples Week), Aug 4-10 #ipw4  @nuttisamisiida @timeunlimited @localtravels

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