2014 Indigenous Peoples Week Begins!

Has it been four years?!

Hanging out with Anders of Nutti Sámi Siida, we both expressed a certain sense of incredulity that time could have passed so quickly since we launched Indigenous Peoples Week in 2011. Back then and now, the week is a glorious attempt to use the social web to connect ourselves with indigenous culture around the world.

Indigenous Peoples Week 2014 a participant-driven event which means we look to you for presentations, slide shows, videos, podcasts and other creative means of showcasing indigenous culture. Those who are not indigenous are cordially invited to ask questions. You can also curate features and images using sites such as Pinterest or Flickr. Everyone is encouraged to solicit specific advice and tips from tourism officials. Please share what you learn.

Indigenous tour companies, artisans, cooks and other leaders are encouraged to talk up your own work and your community. This week you have a very interested audience keen on learning about your culture. If you don’t speak or write English, no worries. Communicate in your own language but please include the #ipw4 hashtag if you are tweeting on Twitter.

Immediate outcomes: For those who tweet, we will be collecting our favorite posts, curating them for features online Flipboard and Storify .

Possible outcome: We’d love to renew or improve the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Award. Suggestions please! We’ve seen how competition for the award helped bring public awareness to the contenders and helped improve the digital literacy of the tourism companies. What are the next steps forward?

Hangout: 10am PDT Indigenous Peoples Week begins

Specific requests:

Twitter: Please introduce yourself and your interest in indigenous tourism. Don’t forget to include the #ipw4 hashtag. Please retweet the #ipw4 posts you find of interest to your followers

Facebook: Please like, join and share the page Indigenous Tourism

Google+: Please circle, join and share the page Indigenous Tourism

Outbounding: Something brand new this year is an extended Q&A. Comments and questions are welcome.

Indigenous Wiki: SámiThe Sámi people live in four countries and have no national state of their own, but the Sami flag has been flying in NorwayFinlandRussia and Sweden since 1986. The area has been populated, at least, since the last ice age and the oldest written document about Sámis is from a Roman historian that AD 98 wrote about “a fearful people in the far north that dressed in animal skins and could walk on snow (skiing)”.

Buzzwords: continuity, interaction, tourism portals, unconference

Ursprungsbefolkningarnas vecka (Indigenous Peoples Week), Aug 4-10 #ipw4  @nuttisamisiida @timeunlimited @localtravels

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