Capturing the Uncapturable: Favorite Tweets from #NetHui

NetHui , New Zealand’s awesome Web conference, took place July 9-11 in Auckland. Next event: November 14-15 NetHui South in Christchurch. Details:

As a remote participant, I loved the fact that I could watch the plenary and breakout sessions. I’ve used NetHui as an example of where I believe tourism and conservation events in particular need to go. What is the purpose of holding events behind closed doors? For those interested in mainstreaming biodiversity, conservation or responsible travel, livestreaming is a no-brainer.

That said, NetHui is its own wonderful beast. The participants who attend and tweet are among the most lively and argumentative on the Web. It’s a mashup of narratives and counter-narratives, all with a Kiwi accent.

On the Planeta Wiki I was able to make a few changes to the New Zealand Wiki as well pages about Auckland, Christchurch and the Maori language (thank you ‘kaupapa’). I’ve also updated a very long Storify recap of the event, but here on this blog are some of my favorite tweets in no particular order, which befits an event that is so approachable and yet uncapturable!



















Stray Notes:

Livestreaming worked like a charm until the session on curating New Zealand content. I’m looking forward to watching once the archived videos go up online.

If there is interest from organizers and participants, I would be happy to host a Google+ hangout about lessons learned from NetHui.

Wishlist: I wished the event could have gone outside the doors and shown us more of Auckland. I hope Nethui-South can blend the indoor event with outdoor Christchurch

Wishlist: The Maori Meetup was held the first day sans livestreaming. I’ve learned so much from previous huis that showed us what Maori leaders are doing online. In the future please hold at least one breakout session with a Maori focus point during your livestreaming hours.

Wishlist: Collaborative note-taking is a great idea to keep track of the conversations, but it was underutilized. Before the event participants need guidance such as tipsheets and video tutorials. I’d recommend holding a Google hangout precisely on this notion 2 or 3 weeks before the next event. Show people how it works. As you can tell, I’m a fan of the hangouts, first for the immediate access to the livestream and second for the archive it creates that makes it easy for later viewing.


#NetHui Matrix Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.01.15 PM

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