Parks Inspiring Solutions Hangout (June 2014)

Tourism in parks and protected areas can be a boon to local conservation efforts or it can afflict biodiversity conservation and environmental management. Many travelers find meaningful encounters with nature in protected areas, but these wilderness fans are often at a loss when figuring out where to go and how to visit parks in other countries.

This week is scheduling two public Google+ hangouts to discuss parks and tourism to survey what’s new and inspiring. We will be featuring members of the Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group and previewing the November World Parks Congress.

Thursday, June 12, 830-930am PDT Parks Inspiring Solutions Hangout: News
Thursday, June 12, 430-530pm PDT Parks Inspiring Solutions Hangout: Continuing Conversation

What are the optimum approaches to sustainable tourism in protected and natural areas?
How effective are protected area managers and policy makers in relation to tourism?
How do we best develop and disseminate knowledge on tourism and protected areas?

June 12 Parks Inspiring Solutions G+ Hangout

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