USA: National Park Week celebrates National Park Week April 19-27 with an invitation to readers to contribute tips and suggestions for visiting and protecting the wilderness areas and historical landmarks. Updates will be made throughout the week on the Planeta Wiki.

Among the parks that will be featured this week: EvergladesGrand CanyonLake MeadYosemite and Zion.

Planeta Wiki editors are cordially invited to finesse our online guides so that they include practical visitor tips as well as links to more scholarly reports.

We also invite the public to share photos of parks and protected areas in our World Parks Flickr Group.

Photos and tweets from the national parks are considered for inclusion in our World Parks Flipboard.

Looking ahead on May 1 hosts our Google hangout Parks: Inspiring Solutions which previews the NovemberWorld Parks Congress which will be held in Sydney, Australia. The US parks service is assisting in two of the major streams: Improving Health and Well-Being and Responding to Climate Change.


Are there volunteer opportunities in state and national parks?
Any tips on paying attention to upcoming events in state and national parks?
Any tips on responsible travel in the parks?
How do parks contribute to the health and well-being of locals and visitors?
Which parks are the most responsive using social web channels?

Go Wild April 19-27 for National Park Week, Hashtag #NationalParkWeek

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