Countdown to the World Parks Congress

There are now 200+ days until the start of the 6th IUCN World Parks Congress in SydneyNSW. The dates of the event are November 12-20 2014. For those paying attention, here’s the countdown.

The congress takes place once every ten years and is the world’s most influential gathering of people involved in protected area management.

This week CuernavacaMorelos hosts the the 2014 WCPA Steering Committee meeting and we hope to provide live tweeting and some livestreaming coverage from this meeting. Updates will be shared on the Planeta Wiki.

Disclosure: I will be participating at the event as the representative of Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group.


Here are the official streams of the congress:

Reaching conservation goals
Responding to climate change;
Improving health and well-being;
Supporting human life;
Recognizing development challenges;
Enhancing diversity and quality of governance;
Respecting indigenous and traditional knowledge and culture
Inspiring a new generation

Video streaming by Ustream

Hashtag: #worldparkscongress

#WorldParksCongress is the hashtag for the World Parks Congress @WPCSydney @IUCN @Parks_Australia

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