Responsible Travel Week 2014: Thursday

RT Week in South Africa #rtweek14

Responsible Travel Week Day #4. Today’s challenge:Be curious.

Curiosity is the desire to learn about anything. It’s giving free range to inquisitiveness.

I find it curious that many colleagues in tourism are frankly not that curious. Officials and tour providers alike use the ‘business as usual’ approach when business is anything but usual these days. It is as if tourism is being promoted the same way it was in 1970 or 1980: show some exotic locales and emboss the name of a travel agent. Promotional posters show iconic imagery but rarely faces of locals.

We have been inspired by the social web — the handmade videos, the smartphone photos, the informative podcasts that give a glimpse to what lies beyond the horizon.

Social Web Challenge: Search for a place you’d like to travel on Flickr. What are the most ‘interesting’ pictures? Which photos have a Creative Commons share alike-attribution license? You can also broaden your search by topic and we highly recommend checking out the eye candy that constitutes the groups World Market,World Mountains and World Parks. Bonus points if you give the pictures you like a star!

Natural World

Workshop, Two Oceans AquariumCape Town, 3-5pm

Check in via Foursquare

Elsewhere on the Web – @2OceansAquarium

World Radio Day!

On a Tram in Melbourne


deborah mclaren
community tourism

Google+ Hangout: 830am PST

Participants: @ThisTourismWeek @lynnerosie

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