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Responsible Travel Week 2014

After such a stimulating dialogue about what constitutes Influence on the Social Web, I am overwhelmed by the kindness and respect shown by colleagues. Many thanks to friends for their recommendations of Responsible Travel Week. What a wonderful way to begin RTWeek14!

Recommendations from LinkedIn

Kurt Ackermann, Imagineer

“Ron has been an early, consistent and persistent voice advocating and facilitating open communications, collaboration and information sharing among those keen to see truly responsible travel flourish to the benefit of local communities and travellers. RT Week is one of many examples of Ron’s work to bring like-minded people together from around the world to help strengthen a community of shared interest in RT and to help often isolated or marginalised individuals and organisations find and support one another. That he manages to do this while helping participants learn new skills but without traditional barriers to participation is a testament to his experience and insight.” January 20, 2014

Andy Drumm

“Ron’s online sustainable tourism conferencing continues to generate valuable opportunities for global multi-stakeholder engagement on key issues in our field. The networking opportunities these conferences such as the upcoming Responsible Travel Week provide are great for participants in english and spanish, and help to share learning that promotes the benefits of responsible travel for nature and local communities, not to mention travelers themselves!” January 24, 2014

Ethan Gelber, The Travel Word

“People tend to come and go in the travel space. The speed with which it changes and fleeting allegiances can make it hard to double down on critical causes in pursuit of meaningful long-term passions. One person who’s stuck to his guns, his causes and his integrity… is Ron Mader. An early and outspoken pioneer in the eco/responsible/sustainable/local/conscious travel world, he has not relented in his pursuit of a raft of powerful objectives, like online conferencing, live and digital networking, transparency and inclusion, and the critical value of travel that is indeed responsible. I am honored to know him, to have collaborated with him and to continue to be able to work with him, including as a supporter of the unconferences and online events he spearheads, such as Responsible Travel Week and Indigenous Peoples Week.” January 18, 2014

Sallie Grayson, people and places

“Ron’s work to facilitate the dialogue re responsible travel via social networking and the web is tireless – his support for small local travel organisations is exemplary – join him in the responsible travel week – i promise you – you will learn something” January 20, 2014

Lynne Gray, THAT’S PR

“Ron is up there with the good guys in the travel industry. He is the founder of this very important week in the industry’s calendar and inspires others to become involved. It’s a pleasure to work with Ron.” February 1, 2014

Elizabeth Halpenny, University of Alberta

“Ron does great work in bringing people from diverse fields together to talk about the opportunities presented by on-line communications. His work has advanced important conversations about tourism, conservation and sustainability.” January 19, 2014

Gregory Hubbs, Transitions Abroad

“Ron Mader, the inspiring and tireless host of for the past 20 years, developed Responsible Travel Week six years ago as a space for individuals to meet virtually using nearly every possible social media tool to discuss the foremost issues and examples of Responsible Travel (RT) of the moment around the world. Participants are urged to use the hashtag #rtweek14 to share and learn about RT in a familiar manner using Twitter and other popular social media platforms. RT week uses’s Wikispaces page as a central resource for all social media, articles, blog posts, videos, and related content. Ron Mader also facilitates lively discussions with creative themes using Google+ hangouts, which are posted on YouTube for yet further exposure and discussion year round. has participated for many years by embedding RT-related tweets and other posts using the various social networking streams. In sum, RT week uses the tools of the Web in almost every conceivable combination to facilitate direct and remote discussions regarding what is one of the most important historical movements in travel/tourism. We can think of no one more qualified to lead the field in promoting the RT movement than Ron Mader.” February 5, 2014

Alastair McKenzie, Travel Coffee Break

“Ron has been a regular participant in my ‘live’ hangouts on air since they started a year and half ago, not least because he completely understands the fast growing importance of live video streaming, webinars and online conferencing for promoting responsible tourism and building engaged communities.”January 19, 2014

Barbara Tomasella, Sustainable Tourism Ireland

“I periodically attend the online conferences organised by I really find these online events extremely useful, from a professional perspective and from an academic perspective. These events are very well organised and facilitated, completely accessible for referencing, very easy to join, as well as a really good opportunities to network online with peer colleagues, when you have limited budget to attend face to face events/ conferences. From an academic perspective, if it is true that the responsible tourism agenda should be brought forward through a multi-stakeholder approach, then online conferencing is the only way to maintain the necessary momentum across the RT practitioners, based globally. Ron Mader’s events are a powerful tool to bring forward the RT agenda across the globe.” January 22, 2014

Key Links

Twitter Hashtag: #rtweek14

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