Responsible Travel Week 2014: Monday

Be creative

Responsible Travel Week Day #1. Today’s challenge: Be creative.

Creativity is the ability to transcend tradition and to create meaningful new works. Chances are good there are examples of innovative tourism options – museumsmarketsparks— where you live. Please show us stokes your passion. Anything new emerge in the past year? Let’s celebrate what’s new, daring, bold, exciting and responsible.

We’d love to know about the experiences that connect locals and visitors in a mutually beneficial manner. We’d like to hear about new tours, upcoming events, exhibits, menus and transportation options.

If you have the Foursquare app, check in! Let us know the places you’d recommend for responsible travel. You can also create maps, slideshows and videos. Please show us responsible travel options in action.

If you cannot create, curate!

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Elsewhere on the Web
before-the-beginning – Aivar Ruukel/Storify
Tai Roob Dai Mai – Chris Taylor/Storehouse

How to photograph yourself hugging third world children –@Reductress (Outbounding discussion)

Township Tours – Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm (Outbounding)

Planeta Wiki
child protection

Natural World

Environmental awareness and site visit, Edith Stephens Wetland ParkCape Town, 930am-1pm

Sensibilización hacia un turismo más responsable,Veracruz Mexico, 1pm


Google+ Hangout: 830am PST, YouTube

Participants: @lynnerosie @ecabanilla@sustourismire @thetravelword

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