Storytelling on the Social Web

Storytelling on the Social Web 01.2014

January 28, 830am PST: Storytelling on the Social Web: making your presence felt

Participants: @ThisTourismWeek @localtravels @WildNavigator

Storytelling = Conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisation

Hangout with us Tuesday January 28 as friends as friends working in travel and tourism around the world discuss the role ‘storytelling’ plays on the social web. Liking, favoriting and sharing go only so far. What connects locals and visitors invariably are the shared stories that show what we have in common and what is quite different beyond the immediate horizon.

Here’s my assumption: developing influence on the social web requires weaving curiosity with empathy. Let’s discuss!

A few questions to get us started: What are the small things travel businesses can do to share their stories and engage potential visitors? How are wikis used to deepen our understanding of people and places? And finally is storytelling changing from ‘me stories’ to ‘we stories’ on the social web?

This hangout was conducted live via Google+ and webcast simultaneously on YouTube. Please check the video’s show notes for direct links to participant websites and details about what we discussed, including wildlife tweets, the work of Jorge Luis Borges, upcoming travel festivals and Oaxacan weavers.

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