This Week’s Australia Travel Hangout

Australia Travel Hangout 01.2014

Explore Australia’s Wildlife, Biodiversity and Parks in this online hangout, Monday, Jan 27 4pm PST in Las Vegas and Tuesday Jan 28 11am AEST in Sydney and 10am Brisbane.

This is our first conversation in 2014 with friends in Australia about the upcoming World Parks Congress and the status of conservation and nature travel in Australia today. The hangout is conducted on Google+ and streamed live via YouTube.

We would like to assess the condition of park management, biodiversity and overall conservation. What are the tested tips for visitors to Australia? We are seeking recommendations from locals on the ground and will be opening the discussion to a lively Q&A.

We want to hear about the condition of the Great Barrier Reef, the rainforests and desert outback. We want to know the practicalities of visiting state and local parks. We are curious about the status of Indigenous Protected Areas and the suggestions Aboriginal and Indigenous Australians have for national and international visitors.

The recent change in Australian government has modified conservation plans in the country’s parks and reserves. What should we know about the introduction of livestock or hunting in the parks? What are the state policies toward shark hunts? will be updating our relevant pages. Volunteer wiki editors are cordially encouraged  to help us update the relevant information. Those who are not editors are welcome to add suggestions in the comments below or tweet Ron Mader via the @ronmader handle on Twitter. Some background: the Planeta Wiki received more than 1,000 visitors/day and it’s our goal to have revised thematic and regional guides to Australia in 2014. Our World Parks Congress preview was the most liked presentation in 2013 and has more than 40,000 views.

Our tentpole events — Responsible Travel Week in February and Indigenous Peoples Week in August — use the educational wiki as a platform for collaborative information sharing and feature additional hangouts conducted on Google+. This week’s travel hangout will be a testing ground as we figure out the optimum time slot for a cross Pacific dialogue.

How to join a Google hangout
Get an account on Google+ which requires a Gmail address.
Get a webcam and microphone.
Let the hangout facilitator/organizer know of your interest in participating.
Turn off Skype as it can cause conflicts with the Google hangout.
You might want to load Google+ using the Chrome browser.

How to watch a Google hangout
If you want to watch a hangout, no login is required. You can view the hangout live or archived on YouTube.

Participants are encouraged to leave comments including reference links mentioned during the chat on the YouTube video or on the Google+ event page.

ecotourism oceania @ flickr 01.2014

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