Most Viewed Pages in 2013 on Planeta Wiki

While maintaing, I’m slowly trying to figure out how to update the 1.0 dinosaur in a way that will be easier to update in the next ten years. Meanwhile, we have the Planeta Wiki.

One of the things I love best is that the statistics are public. So with that said, here are the most viewed wiki pages in 2013:

#10 In tenth place is our annual tentpole event, the online unconference, Responsible Travel Week 2013 (and yes, the 2014 edition takes place soon, February 10-16, 2014)

#9 In ninth place is a mostly un-updated page for Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award. We haven’t held this award for a few years, but it still remains a popular resource and place to connect with indigenous leaders around the globe.

#8 In eighth place copyright.

#7 We still don’t have an adequate snappy definition, but in seventh place rss.

#6 We haven’t been to New Zealand in five years but still tracking plenty of hits for ecotourism nz in sixth place.

#5 One of our favorite social web tools hits fifth place: slideshare. I’ve actually received more than 1 million views for my presentations on Slideshare. The wiki page provides helpful tips and recent headlines about the service.

#4 The number one city on the Planeta Wiki for the third year in a row: Auckland. The ‘City of Sails’ hosts one of my favorite events in July: NetHui!

#3 Heading outdoors? You might want to visit what’s in third place: parks and protected areas, a catch-all page for global efforts in conservation. We’ll be updating this guide in 2014 as we prepare for the World Parks Congress.

#2 Proving that you can go home again, even if it’s in the number two spot: home

#1 And our most visited wiki page in 2013: Youtube with more than 1 million views. As with other social web pages on the wiki, this page provides insider suggestions for content producers and loyal viewers.

Planeta Wiki

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