Greening Tourism Events

How many tourism events do we see that encourage participants to use public transportation and provide livestreaming to allow people around the world to share in the lessons learned? The November 8 Green Tourism Conference did this and more for a simple reason. “We are running a green event because we are Green Tourism,” said Andrea Nicholas of the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS).

Earlier this year Andrea participated in one of our Google+ hangouts. She promised to hold their conference as a livestreaming event and the result is now archived: As a remote participant across the Atlantic, I found this a wonderful success and well worth waking up for long before sunrise. The video was made live and accompanied by a lively stream of tweets on Twitter. Hashtag: #GTConference2013

As to the content, what impressed me the most was the warts-and-all approach that acknowledged the stones in the road and a nuts-and-bolts perspective from speakers that addressed specific issues such as strategies to avoid food waste. Worth watching? Certainly! And thanks to the video archive, those not in the room have access and those who were in the room can also consult the video.

Cheers! This is the kind of engaging event that makes the most of face-to-face networking and new technologies. If it’s not already, this type of hybrid natural world-virtual world convo is the new benchmark for events, particularly those in the realm of travel and tourism.

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