WorldWide Photo Walk October 5: Sharing Space in a Sacred Place

Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Our next collaborative photography event will be the WorldWide Photo Walk in Oaxaca on October 5. We will be sharing space in sacred places, including notable churches, the Santo Tomás Xochimilco temple and jaw-dropping Santo Domingo (the west-facing exterior of which makes a particularly fine photo at sunset, 7pm-ish). Good food will be available before the walk begins at the Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco. This is my #1 recommendation for places (and people!) to visit in Oaxaca City.

Photo opportunities include numerous plaques, tree sculptures and monuments. Ask permission and our friends at the tianguis will let you take pictures.

There are many benefits for participating, including prizes and surprises. There are 50 spots in all. Here’s where to register:


Responsible Tourism Photography

You don’t have responsible travel without responsible travel photography. Respect the privacy of others. If they don’t want their photo taken, respect their wishes. You might lose the candid shot, but if you ask beforehand if you can take pictures of our friends from the Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco, you’ll earn their respect and a wonderful conversation. Bonus points if you share your photos from the market on the Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco Facebook page.

Top Tips for Participants

Safety First. Be careful when taking photos. Each location is different and comes with its own dangers, so be aware of those things. Watch for traffic, don’t get too close to the edge of street, don’t stand in the middle of the street or the market aisle and be aware of your surroundings.

Know the Route

Those with Foursquare, check in!

Tianguis Pochote Xochimilco

Estatua del Danzante

Estatua Brigida Garcia

Cabaña del Llano

Parque Llano



La Olla / Bugambilias

Santo Domingo


Comala Restaurant

Mercado Sanchez Pascuas

Talk about the weather

Oaxaca is called ‘Tierra del Sol’ but this time of the year there are heavy rains.

If it’s sunny, bring sunscreen.

If it’s sunny or threatening downpour, bring an umbrella.

Free October 5 WorldWide Photo Walk Oaxaca #wwpw #rtyear2013

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