Leaving México

On a personal note, I will be leaving México in November 2013. I’ve talked about exit strategies before, but now the time seems perfect to make the leap.

Que te vas y te vas y te vas y no te has ido.

So to make the move, here are a couple of things you should be on the look out for:

February 10-16 Responsible Travel Week

August 8-14 Indigenous Peoples Week

September 2014: Las Vegas Mezcal Festival

Where am I heading? Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s time to pivot.

While I change my 10 months in México, two months travel routine to far less time visiting México, I cannot imagine not using the social web and physical networking to connect my paisanos to the México I’ve come to know and love. So one of the ideas kicking around is creating a brand new series of events that connect food and drink, tours and crafts and allow the stars of Mexican travel experiences to shine. The culmination would be a festival in a year’s time.

Those interested in connecting and collaborating, please let me know.


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8 Responses to Leaving México

  1. Greg says:

    I am sure you will greatly missed by the locals with whom you were so generous, and about whom you have shown so much empathy. Knowing you, you are aware of how much you have learned from them even more than what you imparted to them with your great skills. I think your humility and love of life was and will remain a legacy and will further predispose other locals to foreigners, which is a great diplomatic gift, and more importantly, a human gift. But you will return time and again, I am sure of that! Note that I have left technology out of the core description, as while that may be a great way to communicate going forward and in the past, it is your humanity that gives life to the technology.

  2. Fernando says:

    Estoy de acuerdo. Muchos te extrañaremos querido Ron pero gracias a lo que te has dedicado, la construcción de esta red social de la cual me da tanto gusto ser parte, estoy seguro que seguiremos en contacto. Y nos vamos a seguir viendo, incluso más acá que Hangouts. Abrazo con mucho cariño.

  3. Jen says:

    Ron, I get it, it’s time for you to “be” elsewhere but you’ll remain present as always online. I am so fortunate to have worked with you and to know you personally. The people of Oaxaca were so lucky to have you there. Have a great journey, and we’ll remain on touch!!! Best of luck.

  4. Oaxaca no va a ser lo mismo sin ti. Tuvimos mucha suerte de tenerte con nosotros y te vamos a extranar. Te deseo lo mejor en tu nueva aventura y si algun dia pasas por Denton, Tx, nos encantaria verte. En la casa siempre hay mezcal!

  5. Dave Brackney says:

    Las Vegas is just a little different from Oaxaca… But only five hours from where I hang my hat! Good luck!

  6. John says:

    What a pleasure to watch you bring your caring, your spirit of adventure, and expansive sense of community to Oaxaca, Mexico and other jewels on the planet. And that will continue in your next adventures! Bien hecho, hermano!

  7. Will you be taking part of Mexico with you? More specifically, will you be transporting any large items like furniture, mirrors, columns, cantera, etc? I have long considered having furniture and other things made in Mexico to bring back to the U.S.. Will you be attempting this on any scale?

  8. ronmader says:

    My deepest thanks to everyone for such kind and thoughtful comment. Let’s make the most of this pivot. Not sure the future holds but ready to embrace a change!

    A question about moving stuff as raised by James (hey, good to hear from you again!) …I will be moving stuff and looking for best options. Suggestions about a mudanza desde México a Gringolandia?

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