Energizing Tomorrow Today: Las Vegas Hosts Clean Energy Summit

In the past five years Las Vegas has made incredible strides in terms of downtown community revitalization. Today the city takes center stage as it hosts the national Clean Energy Summit. This year sessions will be livestreamed on the web — http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1206539/events/2310315 — and we will be watching and documenting the summit’s story via storify (say that three times fast!).

Hashtag: #nces6

For fans of responsible travel in cities, energy use and sourcing often does not register as one of the must-haves in sustainable practices. Advocates pay more attention to the in-house actions such as washing the sheets rather than kicking the fossil fuel habit. Las Vegas, in particular, has made its name with flashing lights, and those who care should ask … where does this electricity come from?

I am looking forward to the live stream. Shouldn’t all eco events include video coverage and opportunity for engagement to those without the money or time to participate face-to-face? Sessions held behind closed doors do little to increase advocacy. This is a big step forward toward more engaging events!

Three easy ways to improve the event: 1) Create a list of places to visit clean energy projects; 2) Hold a multiple-day clean energy expo in tandem with the summit; 3) Conduct online Google hangouts before and after the event. Let these conversations continue in and outside the event hall and the momentum will grow.

Renewable energy is one of our favorite topics and we ask friends to share photos of renewable energy in practice in our World Energy Flickr Group.

Energizing Tomorrow: Clean Energy Summit #NCES6

Flickr: The World Energy Pool

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