Indigenous Peoples Week 2013, Day #2

Day #2 of 2013’s Indigenous Peoples Week and there is a sense of building momentum, a slow rise of attention and awareness, particularly as Anders and I found a number of timely news articles about mining and other land intrusions on indigenous lands. Yes, we are taking a ‘warts and all’ approach. If there are problems, we need to address them.

Tuesday’s hangout recorded on YouTube had its share of technical glitches, but we sailed through the conversation and addressed prickly issues including what makes an indigenous encounter authentic or not. Anders spoke from his experience when he encouraged other indigenous-owned tour companies to use the social web as conveyors for storytelling.

New on the Web:
When you dishonour my flag, you dishonour my people
Sweden: Ongoing Road Blockade Against Mining in Saami Territory
Gurrumul live with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Homestays in Argentina: how ethical holidays are protecting a way of life
Whaka defends ‘world class experience’
Whaka tourism slammed
Haka, powhiri ‘cringing’ spectacles, says historian

Wednesday’s hangout will be facilitated by Alastair McKensey at 5pm time UK time. Alastair hosts the Travel Coffee Break Hangout on Air, truly an inspiration for travel aficionados. For details about this and other upcoming conversations, keep an eye on the agenda!

Journalists, bloggers, authors and Google+ hosts take note — if you have questions for the broader community working in indigenous tourism, please ask questions. You don’t have to be an expert to express an interest in indigenous cultures. The greatest gift you can give is your attention. Please tag any questions with #ipw3 on Twitter and we’ll help spread the word.

Indigenous Peoples Week Hashtag #ipw3

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