July 3 Communities and Tourism Hangout

Very pleased to have Enrique Cabanilla joining the Planeta Wiki and sharing his research on community tourism. Our livestreaming July 3 Wednesday travel hangout will look at turismo comunitario, aka community tourism around the world.

How to watch a Google hangout
If you want to watch a hangout, no login is required. You can view the hangout live or archived on YouTube.

How to join a Google hangout
Get an account on Google+ which requires a Gmail address.
Let the hangout facilitator/organizer know of your interest in participating.
Turn off Skype as it can cause conflicts with the Google hangout.
You might want to load Google+ from a Chrome browser.

For professional chats which are recorded:
Once you’re logged in – preferably 5-10 minutes before the chat begins, prepare a ‘lower third’ caption
Use your own Google+ page, Facebook account, Twitter or anything else you’d like to share with the world that the hangout is about to begin.
Bring something for show and tell. We love to hear you talk about tangible folkartfood and lo-fi heritage media: postcards, flyers, posters

Free poster for the July 3 Communities and Tourism G+ Hangout @localtravels @ThistourismWeek @ecabanilla #rtyear2013

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