Wellington, New Zealand Hosts #NetHui 2013

July 8-10 Wellington hosts NetHui , New Zealand’s awesome Web conference.

Our view: NetHui sets the benchmark for engaginginclusive,livestreaming events. The event embraces online interaction with on the ground networking (face-to-face or //kanohi ki te kanohi//). #NetHui, we send our aroha!

The overall theme of NetHui 2013 is ‘the Power of the Open Internet,’ which covers broader issues of Access, Culture, Economy & Business, Education, Internet and the Law, Governance, Health, Safety and Security and more. The first day features a technical stream dubbed InTAC, an Internet Research Day, a Youth Forum, a Primer stream, a ‘Wellington Workshop’ and a Maori Hui, aka Maori MeetUp. The second and third days feature no less than 32 discussion sessions and a number of panels, keynote speeches and community events.

Why we like this

In 2011 and 2012 we paid attention to NetHui from across the Pacific with the goal of learning some new things about copyrightliteracy and digital inclusion. We even picked up a few Maori phrases and insider tips from Auckland! What might we learn about Wellington?

#Nethui 2013 Shaping Our Future Together, July 8-10

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