Getting the Hang of the Wednesday Hangout

Wednesday Hangouts continue on Google+. We see this as a way to connect with friends passionate about local travel, responsible tourism, ecotourism and the blossoming field of conscious travel.

If you missed this morning’s chat, here’s the recording of our Local Travel Hangout with Martin Hatchuel. Candid, unscripted and full of news about what’s next in Mexico and South Africa. It also has its share of technical glitches, to which I credit simply getting the hang of the hangout.

The way this works is that anyone can watch the videos live via YouTube. To
be on camera and chatting up what’s new and what’s next is your corner of
the world, let me know you want to participate and what you might want to
talk about. Think of this as a global show-and-tell.

To participate online you’ll need to have a gmail address. It helps if you ‘circle’ on Google+

Next week on June 5, our focus will be on World Environment Day! Hangouts are scheduled at 9am and 2pm CDT.

Kudos @UNEP Think. Eat. Save. World Environment Day is June 5 #wed2013 #thinkeatsave

Buzzword Bingo: Hangout = To relax completely in an unassuming way

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1 Response to Getting the Hang of the Wednesday Hangout

  1. Great! Thanks for hosting our hangouts Ron – they’ve already helped me completely re-think the marketing of Mossel Bay, and we’re now launching the Mossel Bay Travel Festival as a result:

    And, also as a result of our discussions, we’ve even managed to convince our province’s tourism minister to live stream his next plenary – which will also take place during the Travel Festival

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