Nevada Hangout

There are many reasons to love Nevada, probably as many as there are Nevadans who make us love Nevada. It’s a virtuous circle, a veritable nice-off in a state that is the manifests human kindness. Not all of the time, not everywhere. But there’s something truly generous in this corner of the world.

Nevada is a state of bold contrasts and extremes: rural landscapes and big cities, extravagant gaming and a low-key movement toward farmers’ markets and a growing green building code of ethos.

On Thursday (May 2, 2013) we conducted a livestreaming Youtube hangout with Nevada travel experts Bethany Drysdale and Eileen Carter to learn about the new Nevada tourism campaign and recent events. Nevada is as well-suited to hangouts as it is to visual imagery. The state has eye-candy galore and Nevadans love to tell good stories.

‘A world within, a state apart’ is the new tagline. What do you think?

Correction: When I mentioned ‘Red Rock’ I meant ‘Valley of Fire.’ My bad.

Where do we take this conversation? My recommendation for a more liveable and better visited place is the same in Las Vegas as any other — take pride in your locals and spotlight their work. Retweet the locals!


Curious about Nevada? Follow these folks on Twitter:



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